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9 Republicans Can’t Bring Themselves To Condemn Russian Abductions Of Ukrainian Kids


The House overwhelmingly passed a resolution condemning Russia’s abduction of Ukrainian children, but nine Republicans voted against it.

Their reasons included claims it was a distraction from border issues, could obligate the U.S. further, or build support for more Ukraine aid.

One said declaring the conflict a genocide after brief debate was “reckless.” Another worried it referenced international tribunals pursuing Russia.

The resolution declared facilitating Russian adoptions of Ukrainian children amounts to genocide under the 1948 Genocide Convention.

However, the White House and U.N. have avoided using that term.

“Our country is under frickin’ siege. Our borders are wide open and we’re going to go run a messaging resolution, a Democrat messaging resolution?” Rep. Chip Roy asked.

“Or the children getting sold in the sex trafficking trade right here in America,” he added. “You want to talk about genocide? Let’s talk about what’s happening here!”

“This is trying to insert the United States and the International Criminal Court into a dispute that Ukraine and Russia are still [having] — it’s not like they’ve reached some kind of treaty agreement,” Rep. Warren Davidson said. “It creates a hook to expand the war instead of a path to resolve it.”

“What is happening in the Ukraine-Russia conflict is tragic, as all wars are — but every war is not a genocide, and declaring one after 40 minutes of debate under the same legislative process we use to name post offices isn’t just irresponsible, it’s reckless,” Rep. Tom Tiffany said.

“My issue with this legislation was the language that referred to the Russian-Ukrainian war as a genocide,” Rep. Matt Rosendale said.

“Calling it ‘genocide’ is not accurate and only escalates conflict in the region — even the White House and the U.N. have shied away from using this language so far.”

Some Republicans said it was an attempt to build support for foreign aid they oppose.

“Congressman Massie opposed the resolution because it is little more than a cynical attempt to build public support for foreign aid spending he does not support,” a spokesman for Rep. Thomas Massie stated.

“This isn’t just like ‘oh, let’s do this for the children.’ This is, ‘we’re trying to make a point,’” Roy said.

“What a tragedy that is,” Rep. Marcy Kaptur said regarding the “no” votes.

“I hope that when this horrible war is over and Ukraine wins, I hope we’re able to make sure that the free world, and any country with any merit, would condemn Russia for what she has done to innocent people.”

“Obviously, don’t hurt kids — if that was all the resolution said, I can’t see anyone who would vote against that. I certainly wouldn’t,” Davidson said.

Polls show most Americans favor continuing Ukraine aid, but Republicans are less supportive than Democrats.

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