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Former CNN Anchor Leaves Network to Run For Congress – As A Democrat

via Politico

Former CNN anchor John Avlon, who recently left the network announced he is running for Congress as a Democrat in New York.

Avlon said he wants to help Democrats retake the House and prevent Trump from winning again, arguing democracy is at stake.

“I believe the United States is the greatest democracy the world has ever known. But right now, our democracy is in danger,” Avalon said. “This election is not a drill. It’s up to all of us to step up and get off the sidelines. And that’s why I’m running for Congress in New York’s 1st District. There’s just too much at stake for the country and the community that I love.”

“We need to build the broadest possible coalition to defeat Donald Trump, defend our democracy, and win back the House from his MAGA minions, who don’t even seem interested in solving problems anymore,” he added.

“Democracies depend on citizens engaging in political debates in good faith. They depend on elevating facts over fiction. They depend on citizens getting in the arena, rather than retreating from it, especially during hard times,” Avalon wrote.

Critics argued Avlon’s candidacy and past at CNN will do little to change perceptions of media bias against conservatives.

Avlon enters a crowded Democratic primary field hoping to unseat Republican incumbent Nick LaLota in a district that favors the GOP.

“We look forward to litigating this smug, liberal hack’s past so voters can see just how Left he and the rest of the modern Democrat party have become,” NRCC spokesperson Savannah Viar said.

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary said the large fraud ruling against Trump in New York has made him reluctant to invest in the state, now viewing it as hostile to business given high taxes, regulation and a perception it is losing population to more business-friendly states.

O’Leary argued the ruling underscores New York’s reputation as a “loser state” struggling to attract new investment.

“I’m not different than any other investor. I’m shocked at this. I can’t even understand or fathom the decision at all. There’s no rationale for it,” O’Leary said.

“It does not matter what the governor says. New York was already a loser state, like California is a loser state. There are many loser states because of policy, high taxes, and uncompetitive regulation. It was already on the top of the list to be the loser state. I would never invest in New York now. I’m not the only person saying that,” he said.

“That is why New Yorkers should be concerned. The fine people of New York should ask themselves, why are we a loser state? How are we going to attract business? It is not just the existing businesses moving to Texas and Florida. What about new money that I’m talking about, like a four-billion-dollar data center? Not a chance I would put that in New York,” O’Leary added.

“They have a lot of work to do to find themselves getting out of the situation, and this has occurred post-pandemic. It’s winner versus loser states, look at Tennessee the fastest growing city in Nashville, good policy, competitive taxes. You gotta start thinking about this in the context of winners and losers. New York is a mega loser state,” he said.

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