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Sony Pictures Flops at Box Office: Turning Spider-Man Into a Girl Was A Big Mistake

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The movie “Madame Web” is described as a catastrophic mistake, facing severe backlash due to poor reviews and ticket sales.

The film’s failure not only impacts itself but also jeopardizes potential future movies and the Sony Spider-Verse as a whole.

“On Wednesday night, you could actually watch advance purchase sales declining in real time as buyers were refunding their tickets,” a theatrical chain executive stated. “It really says something when you’d rather have Shazam! 2 numbers.”

Critics attributed the failure to the misguided focus on B- and C-tier characters like Madame Web, deviating from the successful formula of Spider-Man and Venom.

“Sony’s previous Spider-Man universe movie — 2022’s Morbius — was a critical bust and much-maligned by fanboys online, but at least it managed to earn $170 million worldwide,” The Hollywood Reporter (THR) wrote.

“There’s no such hope for Madame Web,” THR stated.

“Plus, the feature’s collapse doesn’t just impact this film, but a new potential franchise led by star Dakota Johnson that Sony had hoped to spin out,” THR wrote.

The decision to center the movie on four “Spider-Women” without a strong connection to Spider-Man has been criticized as a lazy and misguided attempt to attract new audiences.

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