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Jeffrey Epstein Had Surveillance Room in New York Mansion to Spy on Guests

via Palm Beach Post

A lawsuit alleges Jeffrey Epstein had surveillance cameras monitoring victims and guests inside his New York mansion.

Two Epstein accusers, Danielle Bensky and Jane Doe 3, sued Epstein’s personal lawyer Darren Indyke and accountant Richard Kahn, claiming they helped build the “complex financial infrastructure” enabling Epstein’s sexual abuse of hundreds of women and girls.

The suit says Epstein would give victims phones and car services to track them and offer “hush money,” and that Indyke and Kahn were “well aware” of the abuse but chose money over reporting it.

The lawsuit alleges their actions allowed Epstein to continue raping and trafficking the plaintiffs.

The lawsuit alleges, “Knowing that they would earn millions of dollars in exchange for facilitating Epstein’s sex abuse and trafficking, Indyke and Kahn chose money and power over following the law.”

“Indyke and Kahn’s knowing facilitation, participation, and concealment of Epstein’s illegal conduct allowed Epstein to successfully rape, sexually assault, and coercively sex traffic Danielle Bensky and Jane Doe 3,” the suit continues.

Daniel Weiner, Kahn and Indyke’s lawyer wrote in a statement, “Neither Mr. Indyke or Mr. Kahn has ever been found in any forum to have committed any misconduct, and they emphatically reject the allegations of wrongdoing contained in the complaint.”

Indyke and Kahn’s lawyer denied the allegations, saying neither man has ever been found to commit misconduct.

The lawsuit does not address what happened to any surveillance footage from Epstein’s mansion.

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