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Anderson Cooper Slams Reporters Confronting Biden Over Mental Health

via 60 Minutes

Anderson Cooper commented on the behavior of reporters at President Joe Biden’s press conference, stating that the split screen of reporters trying to speak over each other while President Biden looked on was not a positive image.

Cooper noted that this kind of interaction may not resonate well with how people, especially younger audiences, consume information in small soundbites on social media.

“Audie Cornish said something last night that I thought was really interesting, which was — and her take was somewhat different, which was that in the way people consume information increasingly now, particularly younger people, it’s all in little bites and soundbites on social media and stuff,” Anderson Cooper said.

“And that the split screen of reporters trying to yap over each other to get their most important question in. With the split screen of that and President Biden just looking at them, they didn’t — the reporters, frankly, didn’t — it wasn’t a pretty picture from what — on what the reporters were doing.”

He also mentioned the possibility that the President’s comments on Gaza might have a different impact than initially thought.

“They — I appreciate what my colleagues do, but I wouldn’t have wanted to have been one of them in that split screen at that moment. And she was raising the point that, maybe the way — and also even the President’s comments on Gaza might resonate with people who want to hear that side, more so than we think, because we’re kind of thinking — we’re parsing every word,” he said.

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