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Trump Warns Gun Owners Against Re-Electing Biden

via ABC News

Donald J. Trump addressed the NRA’s Great American Outdoor show, emphasizing his commitment to protecting the Second Amendment as President.

He expressed confidence in winning the South Carolina primary and criticized the impact of Biden’s policies on the country, particularly for minority communities.

“The only thing I didn’t know: I didn’t know how bad it would be,” Trump said.

“If you care about your country, if you care about your children, then this November you have to fire crooked Joe Biden.”

Trump warned about potential threats to gun rights under a Biden administration, highlighting the need to vote against Biden to protect gun rights and the industry.

“Even as they turn America into a crime-ridden, gang infested, terror-filled dumping ground, Joe Biden and his thugs will do everything in their power to confiscate your guns and annihilate your God-given right to self-defense…During my four years, nothing happened, and there was a great pressure on me, having to do with guns…we did nothing, we didn’t yield…But four more years of Joe Biden means four more years of anti-gun communists running the ATF,” he said.

“If joe Biden is re-elected, your gun rights will be gone, they’ll be totally gone. And the sad part about it is that the bad guys aren’t giving up their guns.”

He pledged to terminate any attacks on gun owners and manufacturers during his first week back in office if re-elected.

“When I’m re-elected, every single attack on gun owners and manufacturers will be terminated my very first week in office, perhaps the first day,” Trump said.

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