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Special Counsel ‘Unable to Locate’ Top Secret Briefing Lost By Biden

via PBS

Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report revealed President Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified information, indicating a pattern of carelessness dating back to at least 2010.

The report highlighted a significant cognitive decline in Biden, making his handling of classified materials politically damaging.

“Classified information of any kind may only be reviewed or discussed in secured locations, and never in a public place such as on a train,” Cynthia Hogan wrote.

“The [classified briefing] books must remain in your custody, or that of your cleared staff, at all times unless they are in your safe. Classified material must be returned to your national security staff as soon as you are finished with them.”

Despite evidence of willful mishandling, the report concluded that prosecution is unlikely due to challenges in proving intent and Biden’s sympathetic public image.

The report detailed instances where Biden’s team struggled to retrieve classified materials, and it pointed out that Biden did not consistently follow guidance on handling classified information.

“Classified materials may never be left unattended, but must be secured in an appropriate safe or transferred to an individual authorized to transport them in an appropriate locked bag whenever they are not in your personal custody,” she wrote.

“Whenever possible, classified materials should remain at the White House complex…. If you need to receive classified materials while at your residence at NAVOBS or in Delaware, the military aides will bring the material to you and then wait to take the material back when you are finished so that it can be stored safely.”

The report also noted Biden’s criticism of former President Donald Trump’s handling of classified documents, despite subsequent reports of classified documents being stored at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.

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