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Legal Woes Mount for Trump Organization

via Trump White House Archived

New York Judge Arthur Engoron has demanded answers from former President Trump’s lawyers, citing concerns about potential perjury by Allen Weisselberg, the former Trump Organization chief financial officer.

Weisselberg’s testimony in Trump’s fraud trial was called into question after a Forbes article discredited his claims about the value of Trump’s penthouse apartment.

Engoron expressed interest in understanding whether Weisselberg is changing his testimony and admitted to lying under oath, which could significantly impact the case.

Judge Engoron wrote, “As the presiding magistrate, the trier of fact, and the judge of credibility, I of course want to know whether Mr. Weisselberg is now changing his tune, and whether he is admitting he lied under oath in my courtroom at this trial.”

“Weisselberg’s lies could be used to completely toss out everything he said in defense of the company—and even allow the judge to make negative inferences about the Trump Organization’s fraudulent conduct,” he continued.

“Although the Times article focuses on the size of the Trump Tower Penthouse, his testimony on other topics could also be called into question. I also may use this as a basis to invoke falsus in uno…false in one thing, false in everything,” wrote Engoron.

“I do not want to ignore anything in a case of this magnitude,” he concluded.

The judge has given Trump’s legal team a deadline until 5 pm on Wednesday to respond to these concerns.

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