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Democrat Mayor Snaps at Officials for ‘Attacking Black Woman in Power’ When Questioned on Spending

via WGN

Mayor Tiffany Henyard of Dolton, Illinois faced criticism over her spending habits and transparency during a heated meeting with officials.

Video footage captured her defending herself, emphasizing her leadership role and criticizing fellow officials.

Mayor Tiffany Henyard said, “Y’all should be ashamed of y’all selves. Y’all black. Y’all are black. And y’all sitting up here beating and attacking on a black woman that’s in power. You should be ashamed of y’all selves.”

“Y’all forget I am the leader. They want to hear from the mayor. If y’all ain’t learned that yet, the mayor. Not the trustees that don’t do nothing that only run they mouth. Y’all don’t do no work, no work,” she continued.

Critics have raised concerns about her substantial salary, spending on beauty vendors, and alleged misuse of the town’s credit card for personal expenses.

Her firing of the former police chief and a $1 million giveaway for Black History Month using public funds have sparked further controversy.

Former Dolton Police Chief Robert Collins said, “Wrong is wrong and there’s at time to hold people responsible and accountable for their actions.”

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