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Tampon Dispenser Torn From High School Boys’ Restroom Minutes After Being Installed

via pixabay

A tampon dispenser was installed in a boys’ restroom at Brookfield High School in Connecticut to comply with state law.

However, within 22 minutes, it was vandalized and destroyed.

The principal expressed disappointment, emphasizing dialogue over destruction.

“I am aware that the law says ‘men’s bathroom’ but the actions today that led to vandalism and destruction of property were the work of immature boys, not men,” principal Marc Balanda said.

“Ask for more information. Use your words to start a dialogue rather than using your hands to destroy something. In this particular instance, if you have questions, please let me know.”

The superintendent addressed the issue restoratively and mentioned educating students about the matter.

While no motive was disclosed, it was noted that the act overrode the rights of those in need of tampons.

“This is an issue of vandalism/destruction of property,” Brookfield Schools Superintendent John Barile said.

“Law enforcement is typically not involved in situations of vandalism/destruction of property unless the act rises to a much higher level of property destruction. The school is seeking restitution.”

“Brookfield High School is approaching this matter from a restorative perspective in that they are providing both education on the issue and work to remediate this issue with students.”

The incident is considered an issue of vandalism and property destruction, with the school seeking restitution.

The law requires free menstrual products in various restrooms, including at least one men’s restroom, accessible to students in grades three to twelve.

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