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Tim Scott Presents Two Compelling Reasons for Nikki Haley to Withdraw from Race

via NBC News

Senator Tim Scott suggested that former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley should withdraw from the Republican Party presidential primary due to former President Donald Trump’s dominance in news coverage and his strong lead in poll numbers.

Scott emphasized Trump’s significant media coverage and predicted his victory by more than 20% in South Carolina.

He also highlighted Trump’s support among millennial and women voters, as well as his appeal to African American and Hispanic voters, indicating that it’s a favorable time to run as a Republican.

Sen. Scott said, “Well, there’s two things for sure.”

“Number one, Donald Trump gets more earned media, probably a billion dollars already, because of who he is and what’s going on around him, number one,” he continued.

“Number two, I think he was outspent in Iowa and New Hampshire by his opponents,” said Scott.

“One thing we know for sure, as this race turns to South Carolina, that the enthusiasm in South Carolina for the former president has never been higher. I’ve seen polls that suggest he’s up by 20 points. I would make a prediction that he wins by more than 20 percent in South Carolina,” explained the South Carolina Republican.

Scott said, “I will say, one of the things I found to be surprising and positive is that amongst millennial voters, President Trump won 58 to 38.”

“It was a 20-point gap among young voters. Among women voters, in New Hampshire, where liberal, Democrats and independents voted in the Republican primary, President Trump beat Nikki Haley among women,” revealed the lawmaker.

“So, when I think about the fact – when I think about the fact that African Americans, at the highest level in my lifetime, is looking at a Republican over 20 percent, Hispanics over 40 percent. This is a good time to be running as a Republican,” insisted Scott.

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