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Rep. Cori Bush Attempts to Explain Herself Amid DOJ Investigation, But She Made It Worse

via Forbes Breaking News

Missouri Rep. Cori Bush is under investigation for alleged misuse of public funds, particularly for spending a significant amount on personal security, including hiring her husband who lacked proper qualifications.

During a recent interview with Joy Reid, Bush’s defense failed to convince, as she cited staff reliability issues and budget constraints.

The public response to her excuses has been largely skeptical, with many highlighting her support for Hamas and questioning her competence in handling the situation.

“What was happening, there were a lot of issues with us retaining just good staff,” Bush said.

“We couldn’t pay the big costs for security like some of my colleagues are able to do. And so we went with what we could afford, and it worked out for a while, but then we started having call-offs, people just not showing up to work, people sleeping on the job, and so it was very hard for me to have security when it was unreliable.”

The overall sentiment suggests that her explanations have not been persuasive and have instead raised further doubts about her competence in managing her office and addressing the investigation.

“No one is believing nothing she says,” one X user wrote.

“Joy Reid will throw softball questions at Cori Bush and of course portray her as a ‘victim’ in DOJ’s investigation. Yawn,” another said.

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