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Republicans To Ban ‘Transgender Bathroom’, Defines Gender Based On Reproductive System

via News Channel 5

The Utah legislature passed a ban on transgender bathroom use in public buildings, awaiting the governor’s signature.

The law prohibits trans-identifying individuals from using bathrooms of the opposite sex and requires new public buildings to have single occupancy bathrooms.

It establishes the state’s legal definition of “male” and “female” based on reproductive systems rather than gender identity.

The bill’s sponsor cited the need to protect women’s spaces, while a former college swimmer and women’s sports activist expressed support for the bill.

“Let’s be clear, sexual assault knows no boundaries. Keeping men from women’s spaces is an appropriate and much needed boundary in Utah and across America,” Rep. Kera Birkeland wrote on X.

“I don’t think we wait until an 8-year-old is raped or molested by a predator. I think we act in good faith, with respect, finding accommodations that show compassion all along the way,” Birkeland said.

“All eyes on [Governor Cox] (R). Will he veto it like he did the women’s sports bill in Utah? Keep the pressure on. Men don’t belong in women’s bathrooms,” Riley Gaines wrote.

Governor Spencer Cox has not indicated whether he plans to sign the bill.

Utah’s Democratic lawmakers expressed disapproval of the ban, and at least 10 other states have similar laws regarding transgender bathroom use.

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