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‘I Absolutely Trust the Jury’: Nikki Haley Raises Eyebrows In Response To Trump Trial

via Fox News

Nikki Haley, a Republican presidential candidate, expressed trust in the jury’s $83 million verdict against former President Donald Trump in the E. Jean Carroll defamation case.

She emphasized that the American people should decide who is disqualifying for the presidency and that Trump has the right to be on the ballot.

While she trusts the jury’s decision, she believes it should not remove Trump from the ballot, leaving it to the American people to make that decision.

“Let’s talk about the court cases. On Friday, a jury ordered Donald Trump to pay writer E. Jean Carroll $83 million in damages for defamation. This was a year after a different jury found him liable for sexual abuse. You have said, and you repeated here, maybe it’s fair, maybe it’s not. Let me just ask you, on the substance of the jury’s ruling, should that be disqualifying to be president?” Kristen Welker asked.

“I think the American people decide who should be disqualifying. It’s the same thing with the RNC picking the nominee. We don’t need take over anything that the American people have the right to do. I think that I’ve always said I think Donald Trump has the right to be on the ballot. I’ve always said I trust the American people,” Haley said.

She also criticized Trump’s reaction to the court cases, suggesting that it is not what a strong leader should exhibit.

“They know how to make good decisions and So I think that they’re going to see this for what it is. They see that he’s completely distracted. They see that he’s going on these rans about how he’s the victim, and I think that’s exactly what we don’t need a strong leader to be,” Haley said.

“So you know, these court cases will keep happening one by one. We’ll keep seeing him in a courtroom and we’ll see him come out and do a press conference and that’s not what a president should be. That’s not what we want Russia to see. That’s not what we want China to see and not what we want Iran to see,” she said.

“What’s unique about this case is the jury has ruled. They found him liable of sexual abuse. Do you not trust the jury and their findings, ambassador?” Welker asked.

“I absolutely trust the jury, and I think that they made their decision based on the evidence. I just don’t think that should take him off the ballot. I think American people will take him off the ballot,” Haley said.

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