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Senator Tim Scott: Trump’s Legal Woes Don’t Worry His Voters

via Fox News

Sen. Tim Scott addressed various topics, emphasizing that voters are more concerned about the impact of the next president on their lives than about Trump’s legal issues.

He highlighted the desire for a return to normalcy and suggested that the legal system being used against Trump is boosting his popularity.

Scott also endorsed Trump and criticized Nikki Haley’s campaign, suggesting that the focus should now be on the general election.

“The one thing I think the electorate is thinking about most often is. How in the world will the next president impact my quality of life?” Scott asked.

“Myself and all the voters that support Donald Trump support a return to normalcy as it relates to what affects their kitchen table,” he added, noting that the “perception that the legal system is being weaponized against Donald Trump is actually increasing his poll numbers.”

“The American people are more concerned about tomorrow than they are yesterday. And because of that, the race that we’re seeing coming to light today is [President] Joe Biden’s four years versus Donald Trump’s four years,” Scott said. “We don’t need to litigate what happened in 2020. What I’m focusing on is what’s going to happen in 2024 and beyond.”

“My theory is a simple one,” he said. “When I dropped out of the race in November, it was because the writing was clear on the wall then. It is now more clear that what Republicans, conservatives, and a lot of independents want today is four more years of Donald Trump.”

He emphasized the need to look forward to 2024 rather than litigate the events of 2020.

“But this is not about simply my opinion of one candidate,” Scott said. “I also think that talking about someone’s age is inappropriate when, especially, they are competent, qualified, and ready to go to be the next president of the United States.”

“This race is over from a primary perspective,” he said. “We should turn our attention to Joe Biden.”

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