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Hillary Clinton’s New Professor Gig Isn’t Going So Well, According to One Student

via PBS

A Columbia University student, Laalitya Acharya, criticized Hillary Clinton’s teaching style in a viral TikTok series, describing her class as a one-sided speaking engagement where Clinton and her co-teacher talked at the students rather than fostering a professor-student relationship.

Acharya expressed disappointment in the lack of personal insight and vulnerability from Clinton, suggesting that she could have been more honest in her role as a professor.

The student’s criticism also extended to the nature of the class, questioning its alignment with the high-level decision-making focus promised in the course description.

“[There was a] kind of the divide between the students and the professors,” Acharya said.

“I’d hoped that over the course of the semester, she would start to loosen up a little bit. We’d get to know more about her as [an] individua[l] and really be able to have … a professor/student relationship rather than just having [her] talk at us.”

“This, however, wasn’t the case, and pretty much for the entire semester, it felt very much like a one-sided speaking engagement where [Clinton and Yarhi-Milo] were just talking at us,” she said.

“And that was definitely frustrating because a big part of why we were in the class was to understand more about decision-making, why people made the decisions that they did.”

“Usually whenever you start to … get to know [politicians] more on a personal basis, you start to like them a little bit more because they become more humanized,” she said. “Over the course of the semester, though, I feel like Hillary Clinton became more of a politician than she was at the end.”

“I would have really, really hoped that she would bring in some more unique insights and … more vulnerability and discussion on why she made the decisions that she did, what her insights were, what her thoughts were,” she said.

“So while I don’t regret taking the class, I think there are definitely places where she could have been more honest with us because she wasn’t in her role as secretary of state or politician. She was there as a professor to teach, and I wish that she had embraced that role a little bit more.”

Clinton has not responded to these criticisms.

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