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Biden Challenger Praises ‘Hospitable’ Trump Crowd, Calls Democratic Party ‘Delusional’

via NBC

Rep. Dean Phillips, a Democratic challenger to President Biden, criticized his party and expressed concern about Biden’s chances in a 2024 rematch against Trump.

Phillips visited a Trump rally and found the attendees frustrated and feeling unheard by the Democratic Party.

He emphasized the need for the party to wake up and engage with voters.

Rep. Phillips said, “I’ve got to tell you guys, I went to a Donald Trump rally a couple nights ago. Never been to one. I had an event across the street. I saw the line of people waiting in the cold for hours and I thought, what the heck, you know, I’m going to be a leader who actually invites people, doesn’t condemn them.”

“Met probably 50 Trump people waiting in line. Every single one of them, thoughtful, hospitable, friendly, all of them so frustrated that they feel nobody’s listening to them but Donald Trump,” he continued.

“A diverse crowd. People who had never been to a Trump event before. My party is completely delusional right now, and somebody had to wake us up. And if that’s my job, so be it,” declared the lawmaker.

Phillips added that he is “trying to extend an invitation to the president to get in the game because if you want to be the president again the only way to even possibly win is to get out here, listen to voters.”

Phillips, who is running in the New Hampshire primary, supports competition over a “coronation” and believes Biden should engage with voters to have a chance at winning again.

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