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Nikki Haley Mocks Donald Trump ‘Temper Tantrum’: He’s ‘Insecure’ And ‘Threatened’

via CBS

Nikki Haley, a Republican presidential candidate, stated that Donald Trump “should feel threatened” after his recent speech.

Despite her loss to Trump in the New Hampshire primary, Haley remains determined to continue her campaign.

However, political analysts believe she may face a significant defeat in her home state of South Carolina if she does not reconsider her candidacy, as Trump has strong support there.

“Donald Trump got out there and just threw a temper tantrum. I know that’s what he does when he’s insecure and when he’s threatened. And he should feel threatened, without a doubt,” Haley said.

“The political class wanted us to believe that this race was over before it even began. You proved them wrong, and I am so grateful,” she wrote on X.

“Trump is in a commanding position in South Carolina. I think for all practical purposes, the primary is over,” Sen. Lindsey Graham said.

“It’s hard to imagine how Haley can sustain her campaign. Republican officeholders, donors, operatives, et alia are quickly coming to terms with Trump’s all-but-certain nomination,” political analyst John Ellis said.

“With no visible means of support and looking down the barrel of a huge defeat in her home state, she probably has to give up and live to fight another day.”

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