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White House Staff Called Psychiatrist About Trump’s Mental ‘Instability’

via NowThis News

A psychiatrist, Dr. Bandy Lee, received a warning from White House staff in 2017 about concerns regarding Donald Trump’s mental stability.

This was prompted by a book she edited, ‘The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump’, in which 27 mental health professionals expressed worries about Trump’s fitness for office.

Despite White House outreach, Dr. Lee chose not to directly engage, fearing it would compromise her objectivity.

“While I was meeting with Congress members, there was one Republican who was willing to meet with us and her office agreed to meet,” Lee said.

“We were discussing the situation with the Congress members, but the Congresswoman entered the office and then said she wasn’t willing to talk about it.”

“Two people from the White House reached out to me in late 2017 with concerns about Trump. They were calling because of the book I edited.”

“I unfortunately at the time had to refer them to the emergency room. At first, I wasn’t sure whether they were actually calling from the White House. Secondly, I didn’t want to become the President’s treater,” she said.

“Once I do a personal examination or personally get involved, I can no longer educate the public.”

“The emergency room didn’t do anything. Later, when I called back the number they called from it was indeed the White House,” she said. “When I called the emergency room, they said they were not concerned about the issue.”

“It came out later that White House Chief of Staff at the time, John Kelly, bought my book and shared it with staff and may even have used it to prevent nuclear war with North Korea.”

Trump’s mental health has become a topic of debate as he vies for the Republican Party nomination, with Nikki Haley suggesting he may not be fit for office.

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