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New York Democrat Calls Out Biden For Failure To Address Migrant Crisis

via CBS

New York State Assemblywoman Jaime Williams criticized the Biden administration for ignoring the national migrant crisis, stating that lawlessness is happening in New York City and specifically in her district in Brooklyn.

She emphasized the need for more transparency and bipartisan action to address the situation, expressing concern that there are not enough people willing to step up to address the issue.

“What do you say to constituents who are working two to three jobs just to survive in and around this area and paying taxes so that that can happen in their neighborhood? That’s not right.” Todd Piro pressed. (Trending: First Moon Mission In 50 Years Blasts Off)

“It’s 100% not right. It’s an abuse of taxpayer’s dollars,” Williams said.

“Every American — taxpaying American need[s] to know what’s going on. There needs to be more transparency. And let’s take it a little bit further with the Biden administration, who [has] turned a blind eye to this national crisis.”

“We have lawlessness happening in New York City, and specifically in my district in the southeast side of Brooklyn. So, now, myself and our residents have become benefactors of the lawlessness of these migrants.”

“You’re a Democrat. It seems like this issue is becoming more and more bipartisan, with the exception — like you mentioned — of the Biden administration,” Piro said.

“Are there enough of you out there, especially in a blue state like this, to actually exact some change, to do something about this horrific situation, not just the situation you saw, I’m talking about the migrant crisis in general?”

“I don’t think there [are] enough of us here,” Williams said.

“And I don’t think people should be looking at what party name is behind the person’s name. For me and specifically, myself and Councilwoman Joann Ariola (R), [have] taken this…fight and we have made it ours, because it affects everyone in our district.”

“And I don’t know why people are afraid to step up to the plate. But we need to do this sooner than later. We owe it to each and every taxpaying American.”

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