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Reporter Confronts WH After Joe Biden Kept From Public View For 3 Full Days

via Fox News

White House correspondent Peter Doocy questioned the absence of President Biden for the past three days.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre explained that during this time, the President had been on a three-day swing, visiting four states and addressing various important issues.

She emphasized that the President had been actively engaging with the American people and had also met with individuals and his national security team. (Trending: GOP Rep. Mace Clashes Directly With Hunter Biden At Hearing)

She highlighted the President’s commitment to addressing important matters and his ongoing efforts to deliver for the American people.

“President Biden has not had any events at the White House in the New Year and he’s been kept from public view for three full days now. Why?” Doocy asked.

“The President had a three day swing, went to four states in the new year. He went to — just, I should say, just recently he went to Pennsylvania, Valley Forge where he gave a really impactful important remarks on our democracy, protecting our democracy ahead of — on the eve ahead of January 6th. What we saw in 2011 on January 6th was an attack on our democracy,” Karine Jean-Pierre said.

“And he went out there and he spoke to the American people. It was very well received. And this is something that he’s going to continue to do. He went to — obviously he was in Delaware and then he went to South Carolina. Also gave another impactful speech on our democracy and our freedoms and then he went to Texas to honor a — a former Congresswoman, EBJ, who recently passed away.”

“And he went there to pay his respects. So the President did a three — a three day swing. He went to four states. He’s been out there. He’s been able to talk directly to the American people and we think that’s really important. Tomorrow, he’s going to be in Allentown. You heard from Lael where he’s going to talk about small businesses, how important, especially in Allentown, that’s been.”

“15 million applications in 3 years, that’s a record — a record number because it’s important to see — to see how Bidenomics is working. He’s going to talk about Bidenomics. But let’s not forget if people are starting small businesses, they must have some confidence in the economy. So we are — he’s looking forward to — to be out — being out there tomorrow and talking again to directly to the American people.”

“So he did a three day swing, but for the last three days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, none of his constituents have seen him doing anything. Who decided that the American people are best served by seeing less of the President?” Jean-Pierre was questioned.

“I would disagree. I wouldn’t say they saw less of the President. He was out there, again, a couple of states in a — in three days. I think that’s important to note as well and give — give the American people full — the full information here. And yesterday, we noted this. He met with Paul Whelan’s sister, Elizabeth Whelan,” Jean-Pierre said.

“And this is a commitment when it comes to American hostages bringing them home. The President has been committed to doing that and we have brought home more than 30 people, 30 Americans who have been held hostage across — across the globe. And so the President’s committed. He wanted to have a conversation with Elizabeth Whelan.”

“He did that. He met with his national security team as he does regularly. He did that. He had lunch with the Vice President yesterday, important partner and everything that he’s trying to get done on behalf of the American people. So the President is active, the President is doing what he needs to do to deliver for the American people, and he’ll continue to do that.”

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