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Female Athletes Shred Witness For Advising Women To ‘Lose Gracefully’ To Trans Competitors

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Female athletes expressed disagreement with a nonprofit leader’s testimony about Title IX, where she seemed to imply that women and girls should “learn to lose gracefully” to transgender athletes.

Former athletes, including swimmers and marathon runners, criticized the statement, arguing that it undermines fair and safe competition in women’s sports.

The remark also drew ire from Republican lawmakers, who deemed it disrespectful to hardworking athletes. (Trending: LeBron James Shares Gun Advice For Americans)

“Trans students participate in sports for the same reasons as [other] kids,” said Fatima Goss Graves, president and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center.

“Because it is fun, because it creates belonging, community, because it teaches so much about persistence, leadership and discipline, and last, they learn to lose gracefully – hopefully – and often, win with dignity,” she added.

“Just for the record, I have lost gracefully many times in my career. Even speaking to the incident of Thomas and I, at the national championships, we tied for fifth — granted, fifth in the entire nation, so it’s still an incredible achievement,” Riley Gaines said.

“But there were four women who beat me. I’m incredibly proud of those women who beat me. So, I certainly can and have lost gracefully many times in my career.”

“Women & girls should ‘learn to lose gracefully’ to men & boys in their category,” former Olympian Mara Yamauchi wrote.

“Women throwing away fair & safe sports for their fellow women is unforgivable.”

“Unforgivable indeed. Lose gracefully my a–! Always did that when it was a fair fight!!! Nothing to be graceful about when the field is tilted so badly!!! Sex matters in sports, it matters. Shame on them,” added Goss Graves.

“I don’t think you should lose gracefully. I think you should do exactly what you’ve been doing,” Rep. James Comer told Gaines.

“Outrageous. We should never have to teach our daughters how to ‘lose gracefully’ in sports to men dressed up like women,” Sen. Ted Cruz wrote.

These reactions highlight the ongoing debate surrounding transgender participation in sports and the potential impact on female athletes.

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