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George Santos Accused Of Stealing House Member’s Personal Credit Card Info

via Fox News

GOP Rep. Max Miller of Ohio accused his former GOP colleague George Santos of stealing his and his mother’s personal credit card information to make illegal contributions to his campaign.

Miller also alleges that he has seen a list of 400 people whom Santos tried to scam through his campaign.

Santos has been indicted on charges related to bilking campaign donors and using campaign funds for personal expenses. (Trending: Greta Thunberg Caught on Video Going Full Anti-Semite)

Federal records show that Miller contributed thousands to Santos’ campaign in transactions from February and September 2022, apparently in excess of the legal limit and without having returned the overcharge.

“Late yesterday on the floor, I alluded to a personal impact of Rep. Santos’ conduct,” wrote Miller.

“Earlier this year, I learned that the Santos campaign had charged my personal credit card — and the personal credit card of my mother — for contribution amounts that exceeded FEC limits. Neither my mother nor I approved these charges nor were aware of them. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees in the resulting follow-up.”

“I believe some other members of this conference might have had the same experience,” he added.

Miller said to Santos, “You, sir, are a crook,” during his House floor speech earlier in the week.

“I myself have been a victim of George Santos, as well as other members of Congress, in terms of defrauding through public donations, receiving an ethics complaint from the [Federal Elections Commission], which I had to spend tens of thousands to defend myself,” he said.

“It is not OK to fabricate or lie for political gain,” said Miller.

“This is especially true when the lie seeks benefit from the murder of millions of Jewish people,” he continued.

Adding, “I do not believe George Santos can effectively serve and should resign.”

Santos has not admitted to any wrongdoing and called the charges against him a “witch hunt.”

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