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Rumors Are Swirling Ben Carson Will Be Trump’s VP

via CBS

Rumors are circulating that Dr. Ben Carson may be considered as a potential running mate for former President Donald Trump in the 2024 election.

The rumors were fueled by a social media post from a conservative account, claiming that Carson is the leading frontrunner for the vice president position.

The post highlighted Carson’s loyalty to Trump and his endorsement of Trump in the past. (Trending: Greta Thunberg Caught on Video Going Full Anti-Semite)

Newsweek reported, “A social media post from a popular conservative account has fueled rumors that former President Donald plans to tap Ben Carson, his former Housing secretary, as his 2024 running mate.”

“The Calvin Coolidge Project (@TheCalvinCooli1), a social media account with 40,000 followers, claimed on Wednesday that a source close to Trump said Carson—who was the only Black member of Trump’s cabinet—is the leading frontrunner for his vice president in a Wednesday post on X, formerly Twitter.”

Newsweek reached out to the Trump campaign and Carson via email for comment.

“Well, I think any objective person recognizes that during the Trump administration and the pre-COVID days, we had a booming economy,” Carson said.

“We had a secure border. We had energy independence. We had record low unemployment. We had hope for the future. We had respect in the world.”

Additionally, Carson defended his endorsement and discussed the benefits of the previous administration, indicating that more voters, including black voters, were recognizing the positive impact.

“There was a time, you know, a few years ago, when I would go to conservative gatherings, and I would be the only black face there,” Carson said.

“Now, there are lots of black faces, particularly black males, who have looked at some of the things that we’ve done during the previous administration and recognize that those things were beneficial to them and their communities.”

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