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Dana White Unleashes Pro-America Rant

via Piers Morgan Uncensored on Youtube

Dana White believes America is worth defending at any cost, criticizing the younger generation as weak and easily offended.

He urged people to stand up and defend the country, expressing pride in being American and calling for a return to national pride.

White emphasized the importance of defending the United States and expressed concern about the decreasing sense of national pride among young Americans. (Trending: Disgraced Democrat Sued For Sexual Assault)

“Where you going to go? Nowhere,” White explained.

“All these other f—— places that you think are f—— cool, and that you think are so f—— great, when the s— hits the fan, you find out who’s who and what’s what. We saw it during COVID. Places that I thought were awesome.”

“Places that I thought I would love to live. And then we go through COVID. Gang, this is it. So, all the people that are out there marching and f—— crying, and protesting and all this f—–b——-, man, this is the greatest country on Earth,” he continued.

“And we should be f—— defending it. Fighting for our freedom. Everyone of us. It’s no different than the conversation I had with Theo Von the other day where we’re talking about stupid s— like sponsors and all this stuff,” he added.

White said, “Everybody’s afraid to stand up. Everybody’s afraid to be pro-American. What other f—– country… and some of these other countries are completely f—– up, but the people who live are proud of where they come from.”

“They carry their flag, and they stand up, you know. You talk about people coming over the border from Mexico for a better life in America. Show me a f——Mexican that doesn’t love his country and isn’t proud to be a Mexican. Wake up. Wake up.”

“This is the greatest country… So, if we go to war right now, are you confident in this generation that we have right now that these guys are going to go out and storm some f—— beach somewhere?”

“There’s a small handful of people. Most of them probably down around the Bible belt and down South that’ll actually f—— stand up and fight for this f—— country. It’s scary,” he concluded.

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