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Desperation: Democrats Accused Of Ramming Through ‘Awful’ Biden Nominees


Republican senators expressed anger after Democratic Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin refused to allow them to speak about judicial nominations being put to a vote.

Durbin dismissed a call from Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn and ordered a roll call to begin, shutting down Blackburn when she tried to speak.

Lindsey Graham sought to be the voice of reason, but Durbin did not allow further debate. (Trending: Greta Thunberg Caught on Video Going Full Anti-Semite)

“I understand what you would like to do, but I’m saying that in fairness, we have debated these nominees twice,” Durbin said.

“There’s going to be a lot of consequences,” Sen. Tom Cotton said.

“You’re gonna have a lot of consequences coming if you go down this road. I’ve cautioned a lot of you,” Cotton added.

“Listen to me. I’ve cautioned a lot of you.”

“You’re telling us to shut up? You want us to shut up?” Blackburn pressed.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina then said, “A lot of people didn’t speak on the two nominees before.”

“We want to tell you again why these nominees are awful,” he added.

“You’re just going to sit there and ignore us?” Cotton cut in.

“Is your plan to end all debate? Do you have an answer, or are you going to rely on someone whispering in your ear?” Cotton said to Durbin.

“I guess Sen. Durbin is not going to allow women speak either. I thought that was sacrosanct in your party,” Cotton added after Durbin ignored Blackburn once more.

“Mr. Chairman, you just destroyed one of the most important committees in the United States Senate,” Sen. John Cornyn said.

“You have set a precedent, which will be repeated every time one party or the other takes advantage and takes the low road — it sets a precedent that will then become the norm. Congratulations on destroying the United States Senate Judiciary Committee,” he added.

“What goes around comes around.”

Blackburn once again said it was “completely inappropriate not to let us be heard on these nominations.”

“Is this an illegal vote?’ she later pressed.

The panel then voted on the nomination of Seth Aframe to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit.

Durbin’s representative later said he followed precedent.

“Chair Durbin has said time and again that there cannot be one set of rules that governs Republicans and a different set that governs Democrats. And so, consistent with the past actions of Republican Chairs, he proceeded with votes on the items on our agenda today,” Durbin’s representative stated.

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