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Text Messages Reveal Details About Efforts To Overturn Trump’s Loss In 2020

via CBS News

Congressman Scott Perry had communication with Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark regarding Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 election.

Text messages from Perry show his efforts to support Trump’s attempt to contest the election results, including discussing Clark’s potential appointment as attorney general and seeking intelligence about the election.

Perry also engaged in conversations about voter fraud in various states and requested an audit of county election systems. (Trending: Another Major Company Goes Woke And Goes Broke)

The disclosure of these texts sheds light on behind-the-scenes discussions as Trump’s allies challenged the election results.

The text messages were reviewed by a federal judge and made public, despite Perry’s efforts to keep them confidential.

Perry texted Clark, “POTUS seems very happy with your response. I read it just as you dictated,” according to court records.

Clark responded: “I’m praying. This makes me quite nervous. And wonder if I’m worthy or ready.”

“You are the man. I have confirmed it,” Perry wrote back. “God does what he does for a reason.”

Perry told Clark to “make sure [an intelligence chief] gives you exactly what … you need.”

Perry’s attorney John Rowley said, “The communications reflect his efforts to understand real-time information about the 2020 election. They were confidential and intended to address critical business before Congress in service of his constituents.”

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