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Taylor Swift College Courses to Be Offered at Harvard

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Several universities, including Harvard, UC Berkeley, and the University of Florida, are offering college courses on Taylor Swift this spring.

The classes will explore Swift’s lyrics, music, and influence, as well as her transition from country to pop music and her impact on American culture.

“In this class, students will earn college credit for their deep dives into Swift’s lyrics, music, and influence, dissecting her catalog and reading a host of authors Burt finds relevant to understanding Swift’s artistry,” the Harvard Crimson reported. (Trending: Disgraced Democrat Sued For Sexual Assault)

Transgender professor Stephanie Burt said, “I try to teach only the courses that I think our students can really use — either because students want them or because our curriculum needs them.”

“Taylor Swift is someone who establishes complicated and changing relationships to the idea of Americanness and to the idea of white Americanness and of middle America,” Burt said.

“Taylor Swift is a good way to think about what it’s like to have a lot of eyes on you and to wonder what you do with your privilege,” Burt added.

“To look around and ask, ‘I’m pretty ambitious and I got to this place when I was pretty young. What do I do next? What do I do with all this attention?’”

The courses aim to analyze Swift’s artistry, her changing relationship with the idea of Americanness, and the themes in her songwriting.

This is part of a trend, with other universities also offering courses on Taylor Swift in recent years.

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