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Hollywood Legend Questions 2020 Election

via Club Random Podcast on Youtube

Oliver Stone has been proven right on several occasions, including his documentary on Latin American dictators and his criticism of the demonization of ivermectin and vaccine mandates.

Stone’s recent conversation with Bill Maher revealed his independent thinking and skepticism of the media.

Stone stood his ground on the issue of election fraud, a view that is shared by a majority of Republicans and a sizable minority of Democrats. (Trending: Chilling Surveillance Program Under Biden Exposed)

Maher’s attempts to dismiss Stone’s views were unsuccessful, and Stone’s critical thinking may even lead to a new significant work.

“I’m just asking you, I’m not an expert on the election. I don’t go on. I’m not a political junkie. You are. And you follow it very closely. Okay,” said Stone.

“All right, then I’ll give you the thumbnail sketch. They tried it in like 60 courts,” Maher responded.

“It was laughed out of every court, including by Republican judges. Report The people who save this democracy were Republicans. Good Republicans. In states where Trump pressured them like the guy, the one he’s on trial for in Georgia. Find me 11,000 votes. It’s on tape.”

“A guy like that saying to him, sir, we just don’t do that here. I voted for you. I’m a Republican, but we just don’t do that. That’s what saved us. And they were Republicans. So you don’t take their word for it. I mean, it would.”

“I don’t know,” Stone said.

“I mean, you went through the 2000 election. That was horrifying to me. What happened when the Supreme Court closed that down. What happened there? You know, the popular vote was –”

“What should we do?” Maher cut in.

“Do we just keep counting votes forever? Or should we still be counting them now?”

“No. Count them correctly,” Stone responded.

“The people who have testified that this was a fair and will [sic] run election,” Maher said.

“It’s a who’s who of people like Bill Barr. Mitch McConnell. You’re talking about Liz Cheney. You’re talking about dyed in the wool, serious conservative Republicans who went with Trump really further out than a lot of us thought they would go with a guy like McCain’s not a war hero.”

“Well, I don’t know the facts, Stone said.

“And I think I would trust the accountants more than the politicians.”

“And I’d like to know what the accountants, the guys who vote, who know the most about votes, who do the Electoral Commission’s, you know. I can’t take Biden’s word for it on anything.”

“It’s not his word, Maher said.

“It’s the Electoral Commission. It’s Trump’s own election security guy who said this was the most fair, well-run election that we’ve had ever.”

“Really?” asked Stone.

“Yes,” Maher answered.

“I don’t know about that,” Stone said. “Okay. I don’t know about that.”

“Well, I mean, if there’s nothing that can be said or argued that would convince you –” Maher started.

“You, I think it would shock people –” Stone cut in.

“Then they called it –” Maher interjected.

“Joe [Biden] got so many got so many votes,” Stone said.

“You know, that was what was shocking, that he did so well compared to what he was expected to do –”

“Right,” said Maher.”

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