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Governor Who Called Trump ‘Crazy’ Now Says He’d Vote For Him Next Year

via CBS News

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, a vocal Trump critic, expressed willingness to vote for Trump over Biden in the next election, citing his loyalty to the Republican party.

He suggested that an alternative candidate could change the race’s dynamics and expressed confidence in a Republican win in 2024, regardless of the nominee.

“If it comes down to Trump or Biden, which it most likely will, you’re going to vote for Trump then?” asked Tara Palmeri. (Trending: Biden Shamefully Removes God From National Address)

“I’m a Republican,” responded Sununu.

“If you get to Super Tuesday and Trump runs the table, it’s over,” said Sununu.

“But if you get to Super Tuesday and Haley or an alternative candidate is winning three or four states, then the whole paradigm changes. Now it becomes a one-on-one race,” continued the NH governor.

“Let’s say Ron DeSantis is the one, or Chris Christie is the one who [breaks] out by Super Tuesday, posited Sununu.

“Trump can have his 40 percent. Someone else will have 60,” explained Sununu

Adding, “Trump has a ceiling. He has a floor, but he also has a ceiling — one that is fairly low for a former president.”

“Biden has become so bad, even Trump can beat him,” warned Sununu.

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