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New Jan. 6 Footage Shows Protesters Parade Uninhibited By Police

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House Speaker Mike Johnson has announced the release of nearly all the surveillance footage from the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion.

Some of the released video depicted non-violent protesters moving freely, with police seemingly unconcerned.

The footage contrasts sharply with what the Jan. 6 Committee and media have aired.

Johnson stated that the release aims to provide transparency and exculpatory evidence for those facing charges.

“When I ran for Speaker, I promised to make accessible to the American people the 44,000 hours of video from Capitol Hill security taken on January 6, 2021,” Johnson said.

“Truth and transparency are critical. Today, we will begin immediately posting video on a public website and move as quickly as possible to add to the website nearly all of the footage, more than 40,000 hours.”

“This decision will provide millions of Americans, criminal defendants, public interest organizations, and the media an ability to see for themselves what happened that day, rather than having to rely upon the interpretation of a small group of government officials,” he added.

Approximately 5% of the video will not be released due to sensitive security information.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed that the withheld footage tells a different story about the events of Jan. 6, contradicting the notion of an insurrection.

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“The footage does not show an insurrection or a riot in progress. Instead, it shows police escorting protesters through the building,” Carlson pressed.

“But it turns out there’s quite a bit of video you haven’t seen, and that video tells a very different story about what happened on Jan. 6.”

“More than 40,000 hours of surveillance footage from in and around the Capitol have been withheld from the public. And once you see the video, you’ll understand why.”

“Taken as a whole, the video record does not support the claim that Jan. 6 was an insurrection. In fact, it demolishes that claim.”

“And that’s exactly why the Democratic Party and its allies in the media prevented you from seeing it.”

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