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Ex-CNN Host Don Lemon Shocks Followers With Political Halloween Costume

via ABC24 Memphis

Don Lemon, a former CNN host, dressed up as Vice President Kamala Harris for Halloween, while his fiancé dressed as President Biden.

They shared their Halloween look on Instagram, receiving almost 30,000 likes.

Lemon had previously celebrated Harris being chosen as Biden’s running mate in 2020, calling it a historic moment. (Trending: Two Democrats Arrested and Charged)

via X

“Despite all that you do, year after year, of this country overlooking you, passing you over, not giving your due, Black women, for tonight at least, America is not taking you for granted,” Lemon had exclaimed.

“Today is your day. And the day is historic. Joe Biden choosing Sen. Kamala Harris, a Black woman, as his running mate on the 2020 Democratic presidential ticket.” (Trending: Chilling Video of Muslim Mob Yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’)

“However you feel about politics, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, however conservative, liberal, this is historic. And at least this day for this part, it should be celebrated. It’s progress in this moment,” Lemon had added.

via X

The couple’s costume drew mixed reactions, with MSNBC’s Joy Reid expressing support and conservatives mocking Lemon’s choice.

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