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Israel Declares State of War

Israel IDF’s Major General Ghasan Alyan via X

A surprise military attack was launched on Israel by Palestinian Hamas militants roughly one month after President Joe Biden approved the release of $6 billion to Iran, which is a state sponsor of terrorism in the region.

Although funds were intended to be used for “humanitarian causes,” critics say the actual use of the funds cannot be properly audited.

Israel was hit in several locations by more than 2,000 rockets. At least 40 Israelis are dead and 561 wounded at the time of this report. (Poll: Is Joe Biden Fit to be President? VOTE)

“Social media was replete with videos of Hamas fighters parading what appeared to be stolen Israeli military vehicles through the streets and at least one dead Israeli soldier within Gaza being dragged and trampled by an angry crowd of Palestinians shouting ‘God is Greatest,’” the AP reported.

Appearing on national TV, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced, “We are at war.”

“Not an ‘operation,’ not a ‘round,’ but at war,” he emphasized. (Trending: 20th Busload of Illegals Arrives In Democrat City)

Netanyahu vowed that “the enemy will pay an unprecedented price.”

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Israel has reportedly retaliated against Gazan cities, killing at least one Palestinian.

“A militant group in Gaza, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, announced Israeli soldiers were being held captive as the Israeli Defense Forces refused to comment on unverified videos circulating of hostages allegedly being taken by Hamas,” the Washington Post reported.

The attack occurred one day after the 50-year anniversary of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, which is one of the holiest days in Judaism.

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