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Is It Too Much To Ask For Our Leaders To Put On Some Pants?

Democrat Senator John Fetterman via CSPAN

Democrat John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, who is battling mental health challenges, has refused to wear pants to work in Washington, D.C.

This has led the United States Senate to end its professional dress code that requires a suit for men and a dress or suit for women. Now members can wear any attire of their choice.

Democrat Majority Leader Chuck Schumer made the decision to stop enforcing the Senate’s longstanding dress code. (Trending: Joe Biden Created A Disaster He Can’t Solve)

“Really, is it too much to ask that our lawmakers representing the nation wear a proper pair of pants to the office?” Josh Hammer of Daily Caller asks.

Fetterman usually chooses to wear a hoodie and shorts.

Mocking the new dress code, social media users created an artificially generated image of Senator Rand Paul showing up to work barefoot in a bathrobe:

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A spokesperson for Senator Joe Manchin said he plans to introduce a resolution aimed at preserving the Senate’s dress code “to ensure the Senate dress code remains consistent with previous expectations.”

During his time presiding over the Senate, Fetterman often wore a short-sleeve shirt, no tie, and shorts. (Trending: Thanks to Biden, America Is Speeding Toward Great Depression)

“Fetterman’s appalling sense of dress, and Schumer’s capitulation to it, can be seen as part of the Left’s broader, sustained attacks on the norms of many venerable institutions,” Hammer writes.

“But the koshering of Fetterman’s sartorial slovenliness bespeaks a trend both greater and more pernicious than the wokes’ now-trite attacks on American traditions: the failure to recognize, and uphold, objective social standards,” he adds.

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