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Potential For Threats From Trump in 14th Amendment Case Sways Judge

Trump speaks to the crowd | via Comedy Central

A case is aiming to prevent former President Donald Trump from appearing on the 2024 Colorado presidential ballot.

The lawsuit was initiated by the watchdog organization “Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics” in Washington on behalf of six Colorado voters.

They contend that Trump should be disqualified from running under a provision of the 14th Amendment that prohibits certain office-seekers who have “engaged in insurrection… or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof” from holding any position in U.S. office. (Trending: Unearthed Clip Shows Joe and Hunter Discussing Business)

The plaintiffs’ lawyer, Sean Grimsley, successfully persuaded a judge to issue a protective order for witnesses and individuals involved in the lawsuit.

It states Trump “tried to overthrow the results of the 2020 presidential election” and “engaged in” Jan. 6 insurrection.

This decision was largely influenced by Trump’s history of making “inflammatory” and “intimidating” statements in previous cases where he was a defendant.

The plaintiffs claim Trump said, “If you go after me, I’m coming after you!”

Denver District Court Judge Sarah B. Wallace was worried about “safety for the parties, for the lawyers and frankly for myself and my staff, based on what we’ve seen in other cases.” (Trending: Biden Family Is Officially In Panic Mode)

Dave Williams, the Chair of the Colorado Republican Party, said the lawsuit was “treasonous” behavior.

“That’s code for, ‘The folks coming to court have committed a capital crime,’” Grimsley stated.

“That is definitely coming from other quarters,” Gessler said of what Grimsley had called “inflammatory” speech.

Trump’s lawyer, Scott Gessler, said the allegations are “based on his speech.” Under strategic lawsuits against public participation, “We believe it’s a winner,” Gessler said.

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