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Watch: Joe Biden Starts Shouting Out of Nowhere

Joe Biden delivers a speech via Fox News

An 80-second clip below of Joe Biden shows him abruptly shouting in the middle of a speech for no apparent reason.

“You may have noticed, a lot of people have focused on my age. I get it,” Biden admitted.

“I know better than anyone but there’s something else I know,” he continued “When I came to office and this nation was on its back.” (Trending: The Chilling Number of Illegals With Ties to Terrorists)

“I knew what to do, I vaccinated the nation and rebuilt the economy,” he exclaimed.

Despite Biden’s claim about “vaccinating the nation,” polls show that support for the COVID-19 vaccine and booster shots has declined significantly under Biden.

In the U.S., 60% of adults said they had received at least one dose of the vaccine in January 2022. By March 2023, that number had dropped to 55%.

In March 2023, 40% of adults said they were very or somewhat concerned about the safety of the vaccine. (Trending: Unearthed Clip Shows Joe and Hunter Discussing Business)

More Americans are skeptical about COVID-19 vaccination because of Biden.

Regarding the economy, Biden’s impact has been even worse as a result of his own incompetency and radical left-wing agenda.

The Biden administration has pumped trillion of dollars into the economy has sparked skyrocketing inflation that continues to wreak havoc on poor and middle class families. (Trending: Biden Family Is Officially In Panic Mode)

Prices are skyrocketing 3 times faster under Biden. Gas prices are up 63%.

Real wages have gone down for Americans. Mortgage rates are changing for the worse under Biden. Saving rates of Americans have collapsed under Biden.


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