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Caught Red-Handed: Mainstream Media Covers For Joe Biden

Joe Biden sits for interview | via CNN

The US government is spending at an unprecedented rate and pumping trillions into the economy.

The disastrous leadership of the Biden administration has pushed America to the brink as the national debt hit a mind-blowing $33 trillion.

Lucky for Biden, the liberal mainstream media refused to report on the tragic milestone. (Trending: Proof That Joe Biden Took Bribes)

Major news networks including ABC, CBS, and NBC completely ignored reporting on the national debt, according to a report from Newsbuster.

This omission highlights concerns about journalistic responsibility in informing the public.

The $33 trillion debt translates to an average burden of $251,862 for “every household in the US.” (Trending: 22 Chilling Facts About Biden’s Impeachment)

In fiscal year 2022 alone, the federal government spent a staggering $6.27 trillion, equivalent to one-fourth of the GDP ($25.02 trillion).

“Prosecutors are trying to indict Trump for alleged fraud about his claims on Jan. 6. The real fraud is being committed by the Big Three networks who are refusing to educate the American public about the tragic national debt that is about to bankrupt America,” said MRC Business Vice President Dan Schneider.

“If anybody should be prosecuted, it’s the network chiefs.”

Economist EJ Antoni from the Heritage Foundation explained to MRC Business that the root cause of this phenomenon was the inflation crisis, which had been escalated by Biden’s controversial policies.

“Because inflation was so high last year, it moved the poverty threshold up at the fastest rate in decades,” Antoni said. (Trending: Kari Lake Blasts ‘Woke’ NFL)

“[B]ecause wages have lagged so far behind inflation during the Biden economy, people’s wages did not increase fast enough to keep many Americans from falling into poverty.”

In addition to the national debt, the evening networks chose to downplay the U.S. Census Bureau’s report indicating a 4.6 percentage point increase in the U.S. poverty rate to 12.4 percent in 2022, the highest level since 2010.

After roughly two days, some of the mainstream media networks finally reported on the national debt.

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