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Closer Look at Federal Law: It’s Still Bribery If Hunter Received the Payment

Initially, Joe Biden and the White House vowed there was “a wall of separation” between Joe and his son Hunter’s business dealings.

The president repeatedly stated that he’s never spoken to Hunter about his business dealings in any capacity.

As more evidence surfaces, this lie has been exposed. The White House now says Joe was never “in business” with Hunter.

Moreover, top Democrats have defended the president by claiming he’s never received bribes, but rather all of the $20 million went to Hunter and eight other Biden family members.

Government Accountability Institute president Peter Schweizer is speaking out to clarify an obvious point: It is still bribery if Joe performed political favors for foreign nationals in exchange for payments to Hunter.

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo said, “Something that is not being spoken about very much, but you’re well aware of this $5.2 million discrepancy in Joe Biden’s tax returns. What do you know about this?”

Schweizer said, “Yeah well, what we know is that Joe Biden has an LLC called CelticCapri through which he runs his money, and on his 2017 and 2018 tax returns, he said on his tax returns that he had $12.6 million in income during those two years.”

“Flash forward to 2019 when he runs for president of the United States, he fills out a form from the Office of Government Ethics, a financial disclosure. During those same two years, he says on form that he only had $7.4 million in income,” he continued.

“That’s 40% less than he told the IRS that that he had. What accounts for that $5.2 million discrepancy? It’s during the same time period, it’s the same entity,” he said.

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“I certainly think one possibility is in 2019 when he fills out that form to run for president, there’s a lot more scrutiny than there was when he was filing his taxes back in 2018.”

“One of the reasons the House is investigating is to untangle how Joe Biden might have financially benefited from these deals. But let’s be crystal clear about this, if you look at the federal guidelines on bribery, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the international bribery standards that the Obama-Biden administration signed on to in 2011, bribery does not just entail the politician getting paid,” Schweizer explained.

“If he was a political figure and took actions that benefited an entity that then pays your family members and you don’t even get a dime that still constitutes bribery.”

He concluded, “So when the White House says no money to Joe, nothing to see here that avoids the issue.”

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