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CNN Humiliates Itself with ‘Fact Check’

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy via Fox News

The left-wing outlet CNN published a “fact check” about the impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden.

The “fact-check” exposed Biden and ultimately humiliated CNN, which clearly intended to defend the president.

The article titled “Fact-checking McCarthy’s claims while launching Biden impeachment inquiry” is written by CNN’s Annie Grayer, Marshall Cohen, and Daniel Dale.

CNN fact-checked six allegations from Kevin McCarthy and found some of them true, while claimed others were “lacking context.”

McCarthy responded, “I appreciate CNN actually acknowledged that. They had to acknowledge that every alleged accusation that put us into impeachment inquiry is true.”

“What was interesting was the headline, but more interesting was the fact checks. It was all true,” he added.

Astonishingly, none of the McCarthy claims were proved false by CNN.

Claim 1: Biden family members and associates received $20 million through a complex web of shell companies.

Claim 2: An informant alleged Joe and Hunter Biden received bribes.

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Claim 3: Joe Biden participated in calls and dinners with his son’s business partners.

Claim 4: Biden family members’ financial transactions were flagged as suspicious.

Claim 5: Then-Vice President Joe Biden “used his powers to help his son’s business.”

Claim 6: Joe Biden lied about his knowledge of family’s business deals.

Again, CNN was unable to prove any of these claims were false, but merely added additional context to some of them.

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