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‘Pawn Stars’ Celeb Arrested

Richard Corey Harrison on Pawn Stars | via History Channel

Richard Corey Harrison, known as “Big Hoss” from the reality show “Pawn Stars,” has been arrested on a DUI charge.

The arrest report said a white Ford pickup truck was “veering” back and forth between the highway’s right lane and the bicycle lane.

Police told the driver he was pulled over for failing to stay in his lane, to which Harrison replied that the vehicle “does pull to the right,” police said.

The report said Harrison’s eyes were bloodshot, “watery,” and “droopy” and that he had a “blank stare.” The report said the truck smelled of alcohol.

A field sobriety test was issued and Harrison said, “I suck at playing Simon Says.”

“I’m like, you’re giving me a field sobriety test? How about, give me a breathalyzer and let’s cut the (BS) out,” he explained.

“(The officer) said it was broken. But I’m like, amongst the four police officers that were here, there wasn’t one breathalyzer?” he asked. “After pulling me over suspecting I’ve been drinking? I would have definitely called for a vehicle with one.”

“You’re obviously nervous every time you get pulled over. It’s not a normal thing for me. It’s, stand on this leg, stand on that leg, walk in a straight line. I felt I passed it. But the test is meant for you to fail, no matter what,” he said.

“I’m not going to say, ‘(Screw) Metro! Drinking and driving should be legal.’ I’m not trying to be that guy. But I’m the guy who, when I get punched in the face, I am going to fight back,” he said.

Harrison was told his license would be revoked and a search warrant sought to get the blood sample if Harrison refused. He then agreed to allow a blood sample.

“I advised Harrison I believed he was under the influence of alcohol and requested he provide a blood or breath sample,” the officer said. “He at first said he should probably ask for his lawyer.”

The long-running show “Pawn Stars” debuted in 2009 and appears on the History Channel. Corey Harrison, the son of owner Rick Harrison, is known on the show as “Big Hoss.”

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