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‘Flat-Out Lie’: Ted Cruz Unmasks Democrat Hoax

Sen. Ted Cruz responds to reporter who asked if he'd put on a mask | via ABC

Republican Senator Ted Cruz says Democrats are pushing a “flat-out lie” by claiming there is no evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s corrupt bribery schemes with foreign nationals.

In addition to being a senator, Cruz is a renowned lawyer and attorney. He has argued in front of the U.S. Supreme Court nine times, winning five cases, and losing four. He authored 70 U.S. Supreme Court briefs and presented 34 appellate oral arguments.

Famed Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz once described Cruz as “off-the-charts brilliant.” He’s a graduate of Princeton and Harvard Law.

Cruz says both circumstantial and direct evidence points to an alarming level of corruption in the Biden family.

“I think today was a very significant day,” Cruz said. “Today, the House of Representatives announced their formerly opening an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.”

“I think that’s exactly the right thing for them to do. I’ve been calling on the House to do this for many months now,” he continued.

‘And, you know, one of the interesting ways to assess what’s going on is to look at the Biden White House’s shifting stories, and you played quite a bit of this in your monologue, started off with Joe Biden saying, I’ve never talked with my son about any of his overseas business dealings,” he said. “Turns out that was a lie. Their next story was: I’ve never done business with my son in his overseas business dealings. Turns out that was a lie.”

“You know, the latest talking points Democrats are trying to trot out in response to this impeachment inquiry is there is no direct evidence of Joe’s involvement in the corruption,” Cruz continued.

“So they’ve pretty much given up on Hunter. Yeah, Hunter’s corrupt is the day is long, but there’s no direct evidence of Joe’s involvement. That’s what they’re saying. Now, that’s a flat-out lie, too, but let me break it down in two pieces.”

“Number one, and in a trial, in a legal proceeding, there are two types of evidence. There’s direct evidence and circumstantial evidence.”

“Now, what is circumstantial evidence? I’ll give you an example. If you go to sleep tonight and you look outside the window, and you go to sleep, and the street is clean, and you wake up in the morning, and you look out the window, and there is snow covering the ground, that is circumstantial evidence that during the night, it snowed.”

Cruz explained, “But you know what? It’s pretty damn good evidence, circumstantial evidence. People are convicted and sent to jail every day of the week based on circumstantial evidence. Circumstantial evidence is you draw inferences from the circumstances. That’s compared to direct evidence. Direct evidence is testimony from someone who said I saw it snowing last night.”

“That’s direct evidence. There’s at least two instances of direct evidence of Joe’s corruption. Number one, you played on this show, which is Joe Biden’s admission in front of the Council on Foreign Relations that he held a billion dollars of U.S. taxpayer get — loan guarantees hostage in order to force the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating the Ukrainian oligarch.”

“That is one of the critical elements of bribery, of the quid pro quo,” he added.

“Quid pro quo, as you know, is Latin for this for that. The ‘that’ Joe Biden has admitted to that is direct evidence that he’s admitted to. The only question is, is there the ‘quid?’”

“Is there the $5 to 10 million of payments? Now, on that, there is circumstantial evidence. There are the million dollars plus of payments to the Biden family, and there is also the consistent pattern of obstruction and covering it up, which in any court of law you would draw a negative inference from,” Cruz concluded.

The case against Joe Biden includes seven key pieces of evidence gathered by the House Oversight Committee. Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of California has formally announced an impeachment inquiry against Biden on Sept. 12.

The key “breakthrough” evidence in the case is that subpoenaed bank records that show the Biden family created over 20 shell companies. A total of nine Biden family members received unexplained wire transfers from foreign businesses.

These records show roughly $20 million in payments from foreign sources to the Biden family. Even two of Biden’s grandchildren received payments. It’s unclear which grandchildren received payments, but most of them are in their early twenties with no personal or business ties to Ukraine, Russia, or China.

This strategy by the Biden family is an obvious attempt to diversify and hide payments. Subsequently, after money reached the shell companies, the funds were distributed among various Biden family members. Multiple eyewitnesses have testified before the House Oversight Committee that Joe and Hunter Biden put the U.S. government on sale by providing their influence within U.S. politics.

You can read more about the evidence against Joe Biden HERE.


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