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Biological Man Sets New World Record In Women’s Sport

Women’s sports are under attack as far-left social activists argued that transgender women should be allowed to compete in divisions reserved for females.

It’s no secret that biological males have a significant physical advantage over females as a result of testosterone and puberty. On average, men carry significantly more upper and lower body muscle compared to women. For example, the world record squat among men is 1,069 pounds while the female record is roughly 50% lower at 614 pounds.

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This controversy is impacting many sports, including swimming, cycling, golf, powerlifting, tennis, and several others. (Poll: Do You Stand With Trump? VOTE)

Legendary powerlifter April Hutchinson is speaking out about her frustration after a transgender woman set a new world record. “I keep using the word ‘disheartening’ over and over again.”

“It’s outrageous. It’s a big slap in the face to women that the federation, after all of this time and all these letters, even legal letters, have not stepped up and protected women in sports,” she added.

Hutchinson explained how 40-year-old biological male Anne Andres recently competed in the Female Masters Unequipped category at the Canadian Powerlifting Union’s 2023 Western Canadian Championship. (Poll: Is CNN ‘Fake News’? VOTE)

Andres now holds multiple powerlifting records in the female division. “A lot of people, for example, at the competition on Sunday had no idea Anne was a man,” Hutchinson said.

“The one woman on the side of the podium on Sunday had no idea the man was a man,” Hutchinson insisted. “Some people just kind of clap along. They don’t know what’s going on. Some people don’t even know what the word ‘transgender’ means. That’s why I called him a man. Because if you start throwing around words, people get confused. So you kind of have to call a spade a spade.”

Andres destroyed the closest opponent, SuJan Gill, by over 200 kilograms. These lifts included the squat, bench and deadlift.

“Those records will never, ever be broken by a biological female,” Hutchinson argued.

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“That deadlift, for example… that is something that top athletes who have been training for 10 years and more have not yet achieved. They’ve been busting their butt off trying to get that. And he literally just strolled in and did it. No problem.” (Trending: Ex-Capitol Police Chief Drops Bombshell About Jan 6)

“It’s the only powerlifting federation that has a trans-inclusion policy,” she claimed.

“So there’s no policy at all to protect women,” Hutchinson responded. “My boyfriend, who’s a big 6-foot-4 firefighter, could walk into a competition tomorrow, say he feels like a woman that day, go compete, crush records and the next day go back to being a man.”

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