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Biden Does the Unthinkable To Gold Star Mom After Marine Son’s Death

Kelly Barnett (left) via Fox News discussing lies from President Biden (right) at State of the Union via CNN

Gold Star mother Kelly Barnett lost her 31-year-old son, Staff Sgt. Darin Taylor Hoover, during the Biden administration’s disastrous withdrawal of U.S. service members from Afghanistan.

Crying during a forum held from the families, Barnett opened up about the “disrespect,” “lies,” and “hatred” from the Biden White House. Republicans have launched an investigation into the botched withdrawal.

The grieving families of the fallen were “told lies” and given “incomplete” and “incorrect” reports. “I was told to my face, he died on impact,” Barnett explained. “That’s not true. The only reason that I know this is because witnesses told me the truth. I was lied to and basically told to shut up.” (Trending: North Face Has A Bud Light Moment And It’s Ugly)

“What kind of disrespect?” she asked. “What kind of hatred for our military? What kind of mess? Confusion. Deceit. Lost. Angry. Sad. Heartbroken and disgusted. These are the feelings that the service members felt. And are still feeling. These are the feelings I’m feeling,” she cried.

Several relatives to speak at a Congressional forum held by Republican Rep. Darrell Issa of California. Barnett described the situation with the White House as “total disrespect.”

“I’m going to be brave and in [sic] tell you about my kid. He’s an amazing kid. And I want you to know that I am not a victim. We’re not victims. We’re parents to some mighty heroes. I want you to know that,” Barnett said.

She said her son expressed concerns about how he witnessed “chaos, no communication, lack of leadership” during his final deployment.

“He lived for a little while… he was giving out his ammo,” the gold star mom said. “He tied a tourniquet at around his leg. I don’t understand the reasoning of that lie,” Barnett said. “It makes no sense other than the fact that, did they really even do an investigation? Did they talk to witnesses? I don’t know.”

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Darren Hoover, Taylor’s father, reportedly told Biden directly to “be a grown a** man. Admit to your mistakes. Learn from them so that this doesn’t happen ever, ever again. You all need to resign immediately. Our sons, daughters have more integrity in their little toes than every one of them combined,” he added. (Trending: Bombshell Report Reveals Collusion Between FBI and Clintons)

On August 26, 2021, a suicide bombing took place at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan by the Islamic State – Khorasan Province (IS-KP), a terrorist group that is active in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The attack killed 183 people, including 170 Afghan civilians and 13 members of the United States military. It was the deadliest single attack against US troops in Afghanistan since 2011. The attack occurred as the United States was in the midst of a chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. Thousands of Afghans were trying to flee the country as the Taliban took control of the capital city.

The airport was the only way out for many people, and it was packed with people trying to get on flights. The bomber detonated his explosives at Abbey Gate, one of the main entrances to the airport. The explosion caused a large crater and a plume of smoke that could be seen for miles around.

The attack was a horrific tragedy that took the lives of many innocent people. It also highlighted the chaotic and dangerous situation in Afghanistan as well as deadly consequences of President Biden’s incompetence and poor leadership.

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