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CNN Chief Correspondent Explains Why He’s ‘Depressed’ Over Republicans

Jeff Zeleny discusses Trump's 2024 White House run | via CNN

Appearing on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” Chief National Affairs Correspondent Jeff Zeleny said “it’s a little depressing” that many Republicans “have to question the FBI.”

FBI special agent Elvis Chan was recently caught lying during a sworn deposition to cover-up collusion between the FBI pressuring Facebook to censor Americans from discussing Hunter Biden’s notorious “laptop from hell.”

Meta Inc., which owns Facebook, was served with a subpoena from Congress to provide their private email correspondence with the FBI. The FBI likely never predicted their secret email correspondence with Facebook would fall into the hands of Congress and the American people.

Zeleny responded, “It’s stunning really when you think from the campaign cycles gone back — gone by, that Republicans are questioning and sort of anti-law enforcement. It’s just — it’s sort of mind-bending that we are at this point, but we absolutely are.”

“And at every Republican campaign event, every Republican candidate really running for office at any level, there is this skepticism built in of the FBI, of the government, of law enforcement, because of Donald Trump. I mean, that’s what we’re talking about,” he continued. “So, this is a manifestation of the Trump era here.”

“Look, I’m not sure anything was accomplished this morning in terms of advancing the ball at all with the — aside from just question after question being asked about this. It’s almost a Republican candidate has to do this now,” Zeleny said. “They have to question the FBI, but never mind the people who are actually working in the FBI.”

“There are — a couple of them get headlines for some of their roles in investigating the former President, but the vast majority of them are hardworking Americans, many Republicans, some Democrats, etc., some non-partisan, and it’s a little depressing, I think,” he concluded.

During an interview with Fox News, veteran FBI special agent Nicole Parker says she walked away from the FBI after 12 years because it’s become “politically weaponized.” On Sept. 11, 2001, Parker was working for Merrill Lynch on the top floor of the World Financial Center in New York City. After witnessing the horrors of the deadly terrorist attacks and escaping, she left her career at the multibillion-dollar hedge fund in 2009 and applied to become an FBI special agent.

Out of 45,000 people who applied, she made the cut of 900 and successfully became an agent. Her entire career was spent in the field where she would rescue victims and arrest dangerous criminals. However, after 12 years of service, she said the FBI transformed dramatically.

Parker explained, “On paper, the bureau’s mission remained the same, but its priorities and governing principles shifted dramatically. The FBI became politically weaponized, starting from the top in Washington and trickling down to the field offices.”

After the FBI had become “weaponized” for political purposes, she said “I no longer felt that I was the type of agent the FBI valued.” For example, Parker explains, FBI agents historically were not at liberty to publicly express any potential political support while on duty wearing official FBI gear. This makes sense.

On June 4, 2020, Parker witnessed a massive shift in this policy as FBI agents posed in photos and videos kneeling before Black Lives Matter protesters in Washington, D.C. These agents were working on official duty and supposedly protecting our nation.

It was suddenly allowed for the FBI to publicly and openly support a radical and violent left-wing political agenda. “There was no reprimand for any of the agents who knelt that day,” Parker noted. “In fact, many ended up getting highly sought-after promotions and were offered $100 gift cards by the FBI Agents Association.”

“I made the difficult decision and quietly walked away from the FBI with an exemplary and spotless record,” Parker said. “I love the FBI I joined. I have treasured memories of working alongside remarkable people. I’m proud to have served with honor as a special agent. And while I sincerely pray for the FBI’s future success, the FBI’s troubles of late are bigger than anything I could change,” she concluded.

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