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Kohl’s Facing ‘Bud Light’ Moment – Look What They’re Selling Now

Shoppers head to Kohl’s amid back-to-school sale | via FOX Channel 6

Critics say Kohl’s department store is following Target’s lead by selling LGBTQ clothing for infants and young kids.

Kohl’s unveiled a “Pride bodysuit” designed for infants as young as 3 months. The outfit displays a lesbian couple with a dog and three children. Other clothing reads “Ask Me My Pronouns” and “Be Proud.”

One person wrote to social media: “Looks like Kohl’s didn’t learn a thing from Bud Light and Target.”

In April 2023, Bud Light caused nationwide controversy by sponsoring transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. The beer brand celebrated Mulvaney’s one-year anniversary of “womanhood” and produced commemortative cans to honor Mulvaney’s transition from male to female.

Bud Light initially defended the partnership, but later distanced itself from Mulvaney. The controversy led to calls for a boycott of Bud Light. Some bars even pulled Bud Light from their menus.

Some people called for a boycott of the store. Kohl’s new collection sparked a wave of responses on social media. “Looks like another company needing Bud-lighting!” one person commented.

Kohl’s Corporation has reportedly struggled over the past year with its stock decreasing by over 50%. The stock dropped almost 21% in July 2022. The company has said a drop in sales was exacerbated by less consumer spending.

Several major American corporations have experienced significant losses in market share due to marketing LGBTQ products and influencers to younger demographics.

Target faced backlash when customers protested the display of its Pride merchandise collection in stores across the U.S. The collection includes one-piece swimsuits with “tuck-friendly construction” and “extra crotch coverage,” as well as mugs that say “gender-fluid.”

Insiders at Target say the company has quietly moved their Pride sections toward the back of the store to avoid the kind of backlash facing Bud Light. Target’s market shares have fallen over 12.6% since the controversy began, according to Dow Jones Market Data Group. This represented a market value loss of nearly $10 billion.

Bud Light sales have decreased significantly, according to data from Bump Williams Consulting. Sales of Bud Light in the United States fell by 21.4% in the week ending April 22, 2023, compared to the same week the previous year. In the four weeks to June 3, 2023, sales were down by almost a quarter.

The controversy has raised major questions about the role of corporations in promoting controversial left-wing propaganda on Americans. Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of Bud Light, announced it will begin significant layoffs following the nationwide backlash and boycotts against the company.

The beer company will lay off roughly 350 employees. It’s unclear if more layoffs are incoming as company sales have tanked. Bud Light also fired its marketing vice president, Alissa Heinerscheid, following the disaster with Mulvaney. A video surfaced of Heinerscheid criticizing the brand’s consumer base as “fratty” and “out of touch humor.”

“We had this hangover, I mean Bud Light had been kind of a brand of fratty, kind of out of touch humor, and it was really important that we had another approach,” she said in the video.

The company has reportedly lost billions of dollars as the stock price has dropped more than 12% since partnering with Mulvaney.

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