New Republican Enters 2024 Presidential Race

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Rising Republican star Tim Scott officially announced he’s running for president in 2024.

Born in North Charleston, SC in 1965, Scott grew up in a poor, single-parent household.

During his announcement, Scott released a powerful “victimhood or victory” video and explained his belief in the American dream.

“I have lived the American dream,” Scott said. “I have held the truth, the inalienable truth, that all men and women are created equal.”

Scott was appointed to the Senate by Governor Nikki Haley in 2013. After wining a special election in 2014, Scott has held the seat for full terms in 2016 and 2022.

“And endowed by our Creator with the right to be free!,” he continued. “Our party and our nation are standing at a time for choosing. Victimhood or victory? Grievance or greatness? I choose freedom and hope and opportunity.”

He failed four classes his freshman year of high school, but turned his life around. Scott graduated from Southern University with a degree in business administration.

“Joe Biden and the radical left are attacking every rung of the ladder that helped me climb,” Scott said. “And that is why I am announcing today that I am running for President of the United States of America!”

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Scott promised in his speech to tackle the border crisis, stand up to the Chinese Communist Party, bolster an able-bodied workforce, defend law enforcement and promote parental rights in education. The senator also touched on his life experience and insisted that he’s “living proof” America isn’t a racist country.

Scott’s exploratory committee allowed him to fundraise ahead of an official presidential launch; the senator enters the GOP primary field with $22 million cash on hand, a senior Scott official previously told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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The senator made an initial $5.5 million TV ad investment that will air Wednesday on cable, satellite and radio as he heads to Iowa and New Hampshire toward the end of the week. The ad will be broadcast in the two key early primary states through the first Republican primary debate in August, and Scott’s proponents will soon fund a seven figure digital ad campaign, as well.

The Real Clear Politics (RCP) average for a 2024 national Republican primary, based on polls conducted between April 21 and May 18, indicates that Scott has 1.8% support.

Scott has served South Carolina on Charleston’s City Council, in the state’s House of Representatives, in the U.S. Congress and has been in the Senate since 2013.