BREAKING: Poll Reveals Who Is America’s Happiest People

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A remarkable Wall Street Journal poll found that the happiest people in America say “belief in God is important.”

Many people are admittedly very unhappy. The number of “very happy” Americans has declined by 19.6 percent over the past five years, according the poll.

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However, people who are “very happy” often hold religious beliefs and practice their faith.

The poll surveyed 1,019 adults between March 1-13, 2023. A stunning 30 percent ranked themselves at the lowest level, saying they were “not too happy.”

12 percent of people said they are “very happy.” This is the lowest amount of people since the poll began in 1972.

Among those who are “very happy,” two-thirds of this group describe themselves as “very or moderately religious.”

More from Breitbart:

The percentage of Americans who consider themselves very happy remained remarkably constant over the 45-year period between 1970 and 2015, never surpassing 38 percent and never dropping below 28 percent…

The highest correlation for people saying they are “very happy” is belief in God, with 68 percent of this group declaring belief in God to be “very important” to them.

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By contrast, among those who are not happy, fewer than half (42 percent) say faith in God is very important to them.

Along with belief in God, the “very happy” overwhelmingly value strong relationships, and about 67 percent say marriage is very important to them, independent of their own marital status, compared with 43 percent of respondents overall.