Biden Still Paid Nonbinary Government Salary While Facing Felony Charge

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Fox News has confirmed that non-binary ex-Biden official Sam Brinton was still paid a hefty six-figure government salary while facing a felony charge.

The crime was caught on surveillance video, which allegedly showed Brinton stealing women’s luggage and clothing worth over $2,000 from a baggage claim at an airport.

Brinton pleaded “no contest” and agreed to pay the victim more than $3,500 in restitution and received a suspended 180 jail sentence.

It appears that President Biden continued to support Brinton with taxpayer dollars despite the disturbing charge.

Records show Brinton was still receiving a regular salary, estimated to be around $178,000. This occurred for over a month after being placed on leave.

Townhall obtained the records through the Freedom of Information Request Act (FOIA).

Under Biden, Sam Briton served as deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy.

Brinton identifies as the first openly gender-fluid individual in federal government leadership. Brinton uses “they and “them” pronouns instead of the traditional “he” and “him.”

“I hereby notify you that you are being placed on Administrative Leave, with pay, effective immediately,” Assistant Secretary Dr. Kathryn Huff wrote in the letter dated October 28.

Brinton was no longer allowed access to government offices. His government badge, email, cell phone and travel card were deactivated.

The Biden administration refused to answer whether Brinton was still receiving taxpayer dollars through a government paycheck. Now we know why.

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The arrest warrant against Brinton was for grand larceny with a value between $1,200 and $5,000.

Investigators said, “Brinton demonstrated several signs of abnormal behavior while taking the victim’s luggage which are cues suspects typically give off when committing luggage theft.”

“Specifically, Brinton pulled the victim’s luggage from the carousel and examined the tag.”

“Then placing it back on the carousel, looking in all directions for anyone who might be watching, or might approach,” the report continued.

“Pulling it back off the carousel and demonstrating the same behavior by looking around before walking away with it quickly.”

“Brinton only having checked one piece of luggage, which Brinton had already claimed from the carousel, had no reason to be examining and taking any other pieces of luggage.”