‘My Dad Is Dead’, Police Shoot Armed Homeowner After Responding To Wrong House

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A tragic accident occurred in New Mexico as police officers fatally shot a homeowner after responding to the wrong home.

Body camera footage capture the exchange.

A frantic 911 phone call was placed by the daughter of the homeowner. “There were gunshots in the house and my dad is dead,” the daughter said on 911.

“Help! Somebody shot my husband,” the wife of the homeowner said. “Please! Please! My kids are upstairs.”

Police Department Chief Steve Hebbe said, “All of us – the men and women of the Farmington Police Department – recognize the severity of this incident.”

“We will do everything we can to ensure a fuller understanding of what took place,” the statement added. “I believe that the footage will help to provide a greater understanding of what transpired.”

More from Fox News:

Officers with the department were called to the neighborhood on April 5 at about 11:30 p.m. over reports of domestic violence.

The bodycam footage of the incident, released Friday by the department, shows responding officers walking up to the front door of a home with the house number illuminated under a light. The video shows police knock three times and identify themselves as officers.

After there is no response at the door, one of the officers asks dispatch to confirm the address of the home and to tell the person who called 911 to come to the front door. Dispatch states the address of a house across the street from the one where officers responded.

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Moments later, the homeowner, who was armed, opens the door and officers are seen shooting him. The homeowner is seen dropping to the ground.

The officers back away from the home, and a woman screams from inside the house, the video shows. Police said the homeowner’s wife was also armed and fired shots from the doorway, not knowing who was outside. Police returned fire, but the woman was not injured, officials said.