Famous Cartoonist Dies at 102

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Award-winning cartoonist Al Jaffee of Mad Magazine has died at 102.

He has delighted millions of kids with his funny cartoons. He didn’t retire until the age of 99.

His granddaughter, Fani Thomson, announced that he died in Manhattan from multiple organ failure.

Nearly every issue of Mad magazine featured new material by Jaffee for decades.

“It was an event when Al would visit the MAD offices to drop off a Fold-In,” former Mad art director Sam Viviano said.

“The entire staff would gather for an hour just to listen to him talk about his amazing life and career.”

More from CBS News:

Readers savored his Fold-Ins like dessert, turning to them on the inside back cover after looking through such other favorites as Antonio Prohías’ “Spy vs. Spy” and Dave Berg’s “The Lighter Side.” The premise, originally a spoof of the old Sports Illustrated and Playboy magazine foldouts, was that you started with a full-page drawing and question on top, folded two designated points toward the middle and produced a new and surprising image, along with the answer.

The Fold-In was supposed to be a onetime gag, tried out in 1964 when Jaffee satirized the biggest celebrity news of the time: Elizabeth Taylor dumping her husband, Eddie Fisher, in favor of “Cleopatra” co-star Richard Burton. Jaffee first showed Taylor and Burton arm in arm on one side of the picture, and on the opposite side a young, handsome man being held back by a policeman.

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The idea was so popular that Mad editor Al Feldstein wanted a follow-up. Jaffee devised a picture of 1964 GOP presidential contenders Nelson Rockefeller and Barry Goldwater that, when collapsed, became an image of Richard Nixon.